FORCE 13’2

  • Inflatable SUP 13’2 (396cm)
  • For beginners and advanced up to 140 kg. Maximum load 330 kg (2 persons or 1 adult and many baggage)
  • Effortless touring in a straight line (lakes, rivers and coastal cruising)
  • Complete Set with double action pump, adjustable paddle and large backpack
  • Safe Premium Double Layer Light with thick skin and stiff light core (woven dropstich)
  • 3 years warranty
  • The carbon nose is guaranteed robust and is glued fixed over the already airtight PVC nose
  • 13’2”x30”x6” (396x76x15cm); 8.4 kg. boardweight; 390 liter boardvolume
  • New (available as of Aug.2021): 13’2”x32”x6” (396x76x15cm); 8.5 kg. boardweight; 395 liter boardvolume
  • Available in 3 sizes: Race 14’0x26 ; Touring 13’2×30 ; Touring 12’6×30


At 30”(76cm) wide and 390 liter volume the board offers enough stability for beginners. Yet the displacement nose is especially appreciated by advanced paddlers understanding the difference compared to old-school noses that rise out of the water. The carbon nose creates no splash and no bow-wave, cutting smooth through the water. Together with a good pump and wheelie backpack you are ready to go!


Let’s get into detail

Of course the magic of this board is the nose which cuts through the water and does not create a bow-wave or  a splash at all. Advanced paddlers also understand that after each stroke this board falls back on its piercing nose which is much less resistance than without such a nose. You don’t need a hardboard, you need a hard-nose. The Premium Double Layer Light construction – woven drop stitch – makes the board super light, stiff and robust.

(1) Large wheelie backpack with 2 wheels on one side and the comfortable padded straps on the other side so they don’t drag over the floor. Ventilated sidewall so you don’t have to dry your board.
(2) Best quality pump by BRAVO (model 4) with double/ single action modus for fast and comfortable inflation. Because the pump can do 2 bar (30 psi), has an ergonomic handle and footrest, it is easy to reach the recommended pressure of 1.2 bar (20 psi).
(3) English and german manual with set-up, maintenance, technic and safety tips
(4) Single US Box fin easy to use (universal system)
(5) Spanner to tighten your valve once a year
Depending which package you choose to buy the boards comes with a paddle (6) and/or leash (7)


Length: 13’2” (396cm); Width: 30” (76cm); Thickness: 6” (15cm); Weight: 8.4 kg.; Volume: 390 l.; Total size when in backpack 90x40x30cm; Total weight: board+paddle+pump=10 kg.

(1) The carbon nose has crash proof and is problem-free in production on the 14ft model for over 1 year now. It is a separate fixed attachment over the PVC hull. Meaning a scratch or hole in the carbon nose (which can be easily repaired) means the SUP is still air-tight.
(2) Scratch free printing
(3) Elastic bungee rope for storage of bags
(4) Soft and grippy EVA deckpad, spread over the full width of the board to make space for 2 persons, yoga, etc.
(5) Large neoprene padded handle for comfort while carrying
(6) Elastic bungee rope for storage of bags
(7) Tail-pad with EVA logo, Rubber with board specifications, Valve which closes automatically after pumping (quality product by Halkey-Roberts) and high kick-pad for pivot-turns
(8) Extra strong leash-ring construction, so the board can be used in waves
(9) The bottom of the carbon nose has an extra kevlar protection against scratching
(10) Single US Box fin easy to use (universal system). Touring shape
(11) Quality control stamp (each board is tested by the factory and additionally checked by us)

(1) Best quality ultra stiff dropstich core
(2) Extra strong Tarpaulin Deck
(3) Extra strong Tarpaulin Bottom
(4) Pinline
(5) First layer railband
(6) Second layer railband
(7) UV-sunlight protection coating
(8) 179K ZEBEC best glue on the market
(9) Produced in a factory with German standards
(10) Besides factory checks, FIT OCEAN does an additional 100% check on each board
(11) 3 years warranty leakproof Board
(12) PVC Tarpaulin material conform the EU’s REACH health regulations