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We started making inflatable SUP boards in 2013. Those are still in very good condition, hence now being 2024 we give 7 years warranty on the seam. Other parts like the pump have 2 years, conform legal regulations.

All Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle (iSUP) Boards in the world are manufactured in China; however, not all are created equal in terms of construction and materials. Each board comprises various PVC parts, and unfortunately, 99% of our competitors opt for a cost-effective solution – gluing the seams of these parts together.

The drawback with this approach is that the glue tends to dry out within 1-4 years, leading to seam breakage that is often irreparable. In contrast, FITOCEAN Boards boast a superior Welding Bonding Construction (WBC) method, which involves fusing the seams of the parts and altering the molecular structure. Remarkably, WBC products that are a decade old still maintain their excellent condition.

This longevity is the reason why we confidently offer a 7-year seam warranty on our products. Unlike traditional gluing methods, our WBC ensures durability and reliability, making FITOCEAN Boards a wise investment in quality and performance.

All other components of FIT OCEAN products, such as the pump, bag, paddle, etc., are subject to legal regulations, essentially entailing a 2-year warranty.


  • Fusion Technology – The Skin of the board consists of 2 layers, which are fused together into 1 layer by heat. Creating lightweight boards that are easier and lighter to paddle forward. This in contrast to other cheaper Boards where Deck and Bottom layers are glued together, causing more weight and heavier to paddle Boards.
  • Dropstich Technology – The inside of the Board consists of thousands of Yarns, holding the deck and bottom flat when pumped up. And even more importantly creating a stiff board. We use linear dropstich (Woven vertical) on the Malibu, Magic, Sports. And X-dropstich (woven diagonal) on the Cruise and Force. Now all Brands claim a stiff Board. FIT OCEAN was tested:

As far as stiffness is concerned, the Fit Ocean is clearly superior to the Naish (


As with all things, you get what you pay for. And that also goes for us. A cheaper factory does not have the same standard as a premium factory. Causing products with issues. You see, no Brand actually owns a factory. The brands choose which factory they want to work with.

The factory we choose has been producing inflatable products for the German market since 2000. That caused them:

  • Workmethods according to ISO-Standards. There are may but one obvious is the measured humidity inside the factory to assure proper bonding of materials
  • Materials according to the REACH Regulations. This not only ensures a quality material but also a safe working environment for the factory workers

Quality Inspection by the Swiss Team

  • All FIT OCEAN boards are factory tested: Boards are pumped to the max. pressure and surpass a 72 hr inflation test.
  • Additionally our FIT OCEAN Swiss Quality Team inspects locally in the factories each and every single product, before being shipped.
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