• From beginner to pro!
  • Rigid handles (EVA/ Carbon)
  • Compact Shape (Even on a SUP the Wingtips still don’t touch the water)
  • Great low-wind power performance
  • Windows
  • Anti-flatter Leech battens
  • Reinforced canopy where the handles are connected
  • Lightweight low-strech ripstop Canopy
  • Uses a normal iSUP vent
  • Strong Inside bladder
  • Complete Set with Handleash, repair material and bag
  • In 4, 5 and 6 m2

Recommended Retail Price: as of EUR 669.-
Delivery time 1-3 days


The Session is everyones darling. Great for beginners as the rigid handles + the great low-wing power make it easy to pump you on to foil and steer directly. The compact shape  prevents the wingtips catching water when trying to pump up from drifting onto foil. Robust and reinforced to prevent damage in those first sessions. As you progress and get into more advanced moves, spinning and jumping the same rigid handles will help with all those moves. By now you also will appreciate the extreme good handling in gibes. No more pushing the wing around, it behaves and flips almost automatically.


Let’s get into detail

(1) Wing
(2) Leash
(3) Reparair-Set
(4) Bag
(5) Manual

In 4, 5 or 6m2

(1) Best low weight , low strech ripstop canopy from japan
(2) Reinforcement (kevlar) where Wing touches the ground
(3) Reinforced boom-strutt where handles are attached (double layer high-performance dacron)
(4) High-performance dacron front-strut
(5) Quality stiching
(6) High performance inner-bladder