• Lightweight 3-piece Carbon Paddle adjustable (170-220 cm)
  • For Paddlers from 150cm-200cm body length
  • For Beginners and sportive paddlers
  • Easier to learn to SUP due to lightweight and extra power from the carbon shaft*
  • Easy to adjust the length. Splits in 3 pieces so fits in bag
  • Ergo-handle and  shaft (pole) 40% carbon/60%fiberglass. Blade is fiberglass/nylon
  • Weight: 850 gr.
  • Medium sized (90 sq.in.) blade for all paddlers

Recommended Retail Price: EUR 89.-
Over 10 available, delivery time 1-3 days


Extra Power from a carbon shaft? The carbon paddle is easier to paddle because it is lighter and because the shaft (pole) bends a little bit in the middle when you apply pressure. At the end of the stroke just before you take the paddle out of the water, you let the pressure go and the carbon makes the paddle flex back in its original state. That flex gives you a gentle free push forwards because at the bottom there’s a blade connected to it. For example an aluminum paddle will not bend and so does not have that flex.


Let’s get into detail


This paddle also has a carbon handle which is very pleasant for your hands. The shape is an Ergo-shape which again makes it easier to hold on to it, without having to squeeze.  The entire carbon is a hybrid composite of 40% carbon and 60% fiberglass. The finish is matt which stays grippy even when wet or sweaty hands. The blade is a mixture of fiberglass and nylon for optimum stiffness and durability. Split in 3 pieces we made sure the longest part is max 90cm so it fits the backpack or for traveling is within max. dimensions. We love the JACANA and it is our go-to paddle for every paddle event.

(1) 40% carbon. Smooth clamp. Tighten without screwdriver
(2) 40% carbon. Frontside comfortable Ergonomic-handle. Glued seamless to shaft. Shaft (Vario 170-220 cm adjustable for every person)

We measure all our paddle on bending strength so the curve while paddling is not to weak and not to stiff.