• 100% Carbon 3-piece Paddle adjustable (170-220 cm)
  • kayak Blade possible
  • For every Paddler with 150-200cm body length
  • Lightweight ca. 620 gr.
  • Super comfortable to paddle as you have almost no weight in your hands
  • Easy to adjust the length (170-220 cm). Splits in 3 pieces so fits in bag
  • Powerful shape of the blade. 10 degree angle
  • Super comfortable to paddle as you hardly have any weight in your hands

Recommended Retail Price: EUR 249.-
Sold out, available as of 1.5.2024



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This is a lightweight paddle, with a powerful scooped 10 degree blade, a paddle that lies stable and controlled in the water and that is fair priced. Perfect lengths of the pieces so your bottom hand is not on the clip. And a pleasant ergonomic carbon handle. To finish it perfectly we searched a lot of suppliers and found clamps (these connect the different paddle pieces) which are super strong. All carbon is finished matt (and not shiny) so it stays super grippy also when wet or sweating.



(1) Smooth clamp. Tighten without screwdriver
(2) 100% 3k carbon Frontside comfortable Ergonomic-handle. Glued seamless to shaft
(3) 100% 3k carbon handle, shaft (Vario 170-220 cm adjustable for every person)
(4) 100% 3k carbon Scooped Dihydral Blade for power and control
(5) Blade with scooped entry section. 10 degree angle blade for longer power strokes


We measure all our paddle on bending strength so the curve while paddling is not to weak and not to stiff.