• PRO edition full 100% 3K Carbon
  • Medium-aspect Carbon Hydrofoil for Wingfoiling. Also usable for Wind,SUP and Wake
  • The DRIVE 1500 is a playful foil for quick turns and high speed. Offering an immense potential for progression
  • The frontwing will lift in light winds, starting at 12 knots (3-4 beaufort)
  • And keeps increasing in speeds as the wind becomes stronger, while staying perfectly trimmed
  • Stiffest alloy for mast and fuselage and 3K shockproof CARBON wings. Titanium screws to prevent corrosion – all screws same size Torx (super easy-assembly)
  • Compatile with all wingfoilboards and any boards that has the 2 slots
  • 1500 cm2 frontwing with 87 cm Wingspan; Tailwing with 42 cm wingspan
  • Available in 2 sizes: 2100 cm2/99.5 cm span; and a 1500 cm2/87 cm span
  • Mast options: 75/83 cm

Recommended Retail Price: EUR 899.-
Delivery time 1-3 days


The 1500 is a playful and fast foil for quick turns and higher speed. The name DRIVE comes from the feeling of riding quad-bikes. In choppy waters or when you make a mistake, the DRIVE stays trimmed like a 4×4, and does not foil-out or pivot down. Helping you progress. The fuselage has an additional position to mount the tailwing further back, which increases the length stability for heavy riders or when windfoiling. Made in a premium Factory assures durabilty. The titanium screws don’t corrode so you can leave your foil assembled a very long time without having the problem it later won’t come apart. Comes with bag and wingcovers that also fit while foil is assembled.



1500 cm2 frontwing with 87 cm Wingspan.
The 3K carbon Hydrofoil DRIVE 1500 is a very good combination of: lift, speed and trimm. Let’s break that down. Easy to lift comes from that the frontwing is slightly arched. It does not have too much arch, like an old-school low-aspect foil, which lifts great but is too slow when the wind picks up and then feels dragging. But the frontwing arch is also not too flat, like a high-aspect foil, which is much harder to lift out of the water and is super-fast. It is just in between, which is why we call it medium-aspect.


Tailwing with 42 cm wingspan.
The tailwing for the DRIVE 1500 has a thin horizontal profile with short wing-tipps turned up, to offer quick turns.


The DRIVE series is made in one of the best factories for hydrofils which produces for the world top brand. We are humble and thank that it produces for us so we benefit from the experience of other and making a solid product. All parts are CNC cut. The screws are titanium so zero rust and no corrosion. We especcially wanted this because we like ourselves to keep the foils constructed together over a long period of time and still want them efffortlessly to come apart again afterwards. All screws same size Torx (super easy-assembly). Including a hard-steeel torx key so you don’t wear out the key or the screw.



(1) 3K Carbon frontwing and tailwing; Alloy Mast, fuselage and Top-plate (to fit to each 90 foilbox-board)
(2) Titanium screws (zero rust, no corrosion)
(3) Wingcovers that can be mounted while constructed (not in above image)
(4) Large bag to fit all. With side-pocket for small items (not in above image)
(5) Maintanance set (not in above image)
(6) Spanner to tighten fro hard-steel so screw-inserts to damage
(7) English and german manual with set-up, maintenance, technic and safety tips (not in above image)



1500 cm2/42 cm span
2100 cm2/99.5 cm span



(1) Best quality alloy
(2) Shockproof 3K Carbon
(3) Long titanium screws. All screws same size Torx (super easy-assembly). Including a hard-steel torx key so you don’t wear out the key or the screw.
(4) Matt finish
(5) Produced in one of the best factories with 3 year warranty
(6) Besides factory checks, FIT OCEAN does an additional 100% check on assembly
(7) All parts of different sizes of the DRIVE series are compatible. You can afterbuy a smaller frontwing and mount it