• Double action / single action
  • Quality product by BRAVO
  • Can handle 30 PSI, so your required 15 PSI is easy for the pump and you to reach. It is both faster and lighter to pump then other double action pumps on the market
  • Fits in every iSUP bag
  • Manual how to use in simple steps on the pump



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By now there are many double-action pumps on the market and we can choose in various price ranges. On this item we feel the best is necessary. Pumping up an iSUP by hand several times is hard work and so making that hard work the lightest as it can be is what we want. This pump is made by the nr.1 manufacturer BRAVO and it is a large capacity pump so it is faster and lighter to finish timely.


Let’s get into detail

(1) Large stable footrest in ergonomic v-shape
(2) Ergonomic v-shape handle
(3) Integrated mano meter on top with protection for durability over the long time
(4) Tube with extra flexibility also after a lot of use
(5) Large main body for speed and lightness, can handle 30 PSI
(6) Double action letting air out on the down and up stroke
(7) Single action letting air out on the up stroke for finishing you iSUP (recommend to switch to single as of 7 PSI)