• Fits on every SUP or inflatable SUP 
  • Easy mounting with 2 straps
  • Stable Fin that can resist side-pressure
  • Acts as a daggerboard so you can go upwind with a wing
  • Also brings extra stability when Stand Up Paddling
  • Including PVC bag
  • Including protectin strip to keep your Finbox straight
  • 3 years warranty

Recommended Retail Price: EUR 59.-
Delivery time 1-3 days


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Do you own a Stand Up Paddleboard? Would you like to learn how to wingsurf? This is the perfect addition to your paddleboard. Simply attach the FitOcean Wing-Fin to your SUPboard. Now you have a centerboard to keep your board from drifting to the side. This is the perfect setup to master the Wing. And to switch to a wingfoil board later.
And yes, even when Stand Up Paddling it stabilizes your board a bit and keeps you on course.


Let’s get into detail

We opted for a slide-fin box with an additional layer underneath to assure stability when the board starts moving upwind and the fin will stay upright to prevent drift. We opted for a high-quality factory to ensure top-quality stiching. And created a nice bag with velcro closing.


(1) Finbox with straps

(2) Fin + protectionstrip

(3) Bag


Standard Middlefin