• Inflatable SUP 10’8” long (325cm) in different colors
  • For beginners up to 100 kg. Advanced up to 120 kg. Maximum load 290 kg (2 persons or 1 adult 2 kids)
  • Easy to learn to SUP thanks to wide nose shape
  • Fast Magic Glide up to 8 kmh
  • Allround for lakes, rivers and small waves
  • Can be converted in Kayak (rings pre-mounted)
  • Complete Set with double action pump, adjustable paddle and large backpack
  • Safe Multi Layer Technology with thick skin and stiff core
  • 3 years warranty
  • 10’8”x32”x6”’ (325x81x15cm); Weight 9 kg. ; Volume 300 Liter
  • Max. 17 PSI. Already stiff at 12 PSI. Less pumping, more paddling


This is the board it all started with for us. Having sold thousands we fine-tuned and created the perfect family fun board. Stable to learn, voluminous for the whole family and fast for the advanced to go on tours. The allround shape functions on lakes, sea and rivers. Together with a good pump and backpack you are ready to go!


Let’s get into detail

The Magic gliding comes from the flat rocker (the board is not bended to much upwards) in combination with a slightly-pointy front-section (nose) and pointy tail. It allows for speeds up to 8 kmh which is very good for a board this length. Still being 32” (81cm) wide the board is super stable and forgiving for Beginners. Once you have advanced you will appreciate the board being easy to paddle in a straight line for longer distances.

(1) Large backpack with new extra comfortable padded straps
(2) Best quality pump by BRAVO (model 4) with double/ single action modus for fast and comfortable inflation. Because the pump can do 2 bar (30 psi), has an ergonomic handle and footrest, it is easy to reach the recommended pressure of 1 bar (15 psi).
(3) English and german manual with set-up, maintenance, technic and safety tips
(4) Single slidefin easy to use without tools or screw
(5) Protection strip so finbox stays straight also when board is rolled-up
(6) Spanner to tighten your valve once a year
Depending which package you choose to buy the boards comes with a paddle (7) , leash (8) , seat (9)

Length: 10’8” (325cm); Width: 32” (81cm); Thickness: 6” (15cm); Weight: 9 kg.; Volume: 300 l.; Total size when in backpack 90x40x30cm; Total weight: board+paddle+pump=12 kg.

(1) Extra strong leash-ring construction, so the board can be used in waves
(2)Valve which closes automatically after pumping (reliable Halkey-Roberts HR Valve)
(3) D-Rings (4 pieces in total) to attach a kayak seat
(4) Large neoprene padded handle for comfort while carrying
(5) Soft and grippy EVA deck pad, spread over the full width of the board to make space for 2 persons, yoga, etc.
(6) Rubber logo with board specifications
(7) Elastic bungee rope for storage of bags
(8) Scratch resistant printing
(9) side-fins to control the board in waves or to paddle the boards ins hallow waters (rivers) without the main fin and just using the side-fins
(10) Main fin. Slidefin system easy to use without tools or screw
(11) Quality control stamp (each board is tested by the factory and additionally checked by us)
(12) The X-factor giving the board that magix-glide. Just like a car has certain aerodynamics a SUP board has hydrodynamics. An inflatable can’t be shaped into millimeter like a hardboard, but the right dimensions + the shape of the PVC do make a difference once inflated.

(1) Best quality ultra stiff drop stitch core
(2) Extra strong Tarpaulin Deck
(3) Extra strong Tarpaulin Bottom
(4) First layer railband
(5) Second layer railband
(6) UV-sunlight protection coating
(7) EVA deck pad, diamond grip
(8) 179K ZEBEC best glue on the market
(9) Produced in a factory with German standards
(10) Besides factory checks, FIT OCEAN does an additional 100% check on each board
(11) 3 years warranty leakproof Board
(12) PVC Tarpaulin material conform the EU’s REACH health regulations