SHAKA AIR – amazing performance, smallest packsize

  • Inflatable Wingboard in premium quality for radical moves
  • Pops super quick out of the water onto foil – not sticky at all
  • Direct board feeling. 20Psi Dropstich & super rigid carbon Foilbox
  • Removable and adjustable footstraps by FCS
  • And perfectly usable without straps (plugs under the deckpad)
  • The board floats very stable, making it easier to learn to get on foil
  • Can also be used as wakefoil or in waves as SUPfoil
  • Packingsize like an iSUP backpack: 90x45cm (with space for foil and wings)
  • 5’3×27″x5″ (161x69x12cm); 5.9 kg. total weight; 110 liter volume
  • Welding-Bonding Construction seams with 7 years warranty
  • New: FCS comfortable anti-twist Footstraps
  • New: multiple Footstrap positions

Recommended Retail Price: EUR 750.-


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The 5’3 is the radical little devil. The nose-shape is more pointy for very sharp turns. With ca. 110 litre you still have enough board to float you home. As the rest of the SHAKA AIR boards, the 5’3 pops early out of the water onto foil because of the silicon rail at the tail and slight concave bottom-shape. And has a stiff rigid feeling thanks to the 20Psi double layer dropstich hull + the 70cm long carbon foilbox. Board can be used with or without footstraps because the footstrap-plugs are underneath the deckpad. The SHAKA AIR folds up in a small size backpack which has place for your foil and wing(s). Yet you can also leave it pumped up for the season because of it’s premium build quality.



When you stand on the board, your feet are on the EVA deckpad and not on the cut-out strip. The strip is to make the board fold easily into a compact size and fit in a small backpack.

The lightweight and comfortable footstraps are made by the FCS factory and placed in perfect position. Depending on footsize the height can be adjusted. When the footstraps are not mounted the footstrapplugs are not pinching into your feet or knees because they are underneath the EVA deckpad. The leash-ring is made heavy-duty for your safety.

The position of the box on the bottom is perfectly placed with enough margin back and forth so that any kind of foil can be used. Also in combination with the footstrap-position. The foilbox shape is very fluid helping to pop-out of the water early.

The SHAKA AIR has an elevated nose-rocker so the nose is not catching the water in a gybe. The siderails are 3 layers PVC for durability. The double layer hull is from woven dropstich which can be pumped to 20 psi is extremely stiff and thus a 5” (12cm) thick board is stiff enough and much more stable afloat then a 6” (15cm) board, making it easier to learn to foil.


Together with the factory we came up with a Foilbox plate that is not only super-stiff, but also very well glued and welded to your board. The Foilbox weighs 2 kg and is made from 3K Carbon. It is 70cm long connecting your back and front-foot and very wide to give real rail-to-rail feeeling when you are carving and jibing. The box has a handle build in and next to to plate a cm indicator to remember where your foil was mounted.


The SHAKA AIR is very, very good in popping out of the water, onto foil. Contributing is the silicon rail at the tail, which makes the board not ”sticky” to the water when trying to lift-off.

Furthermore the water runs fluid under the board thanks to a slight concave bottom-shape (not flat) and the dynamic shape of the carbon plate.



(1) Compact backpack (90×45 cm) that is accepted by most airlines as normal baggage. Comfortable padded straps and front pocket for pump. Can hold 1x SHAKA AIR and Pump, 1 Foil and 2 wings + your helmet, wetsuit and small items.
(2) Protection bag for when board is rolled-up
(3) Strap to fix rolled-up board
(4) Titanium T-nut screws to mount your foil. Titanium has almost no galaniv-corrosion with carbon (which rust-free-steel does have) and hence you can leave your foil mounted for a long time.
(5) Quality pump with double/ single action modus for fast and comfortable inflation. Because the pump can do 30 psi, has an ergonomic handle and footrest, it is easy to reach the recommended pressure of 20 psi.
(6) Spanner to tighten your valve once a year
(7) English and german manual with set-up, maintenance, technic and safety tips



5’3×27″x5″ (161x69x12cm); 5.9 kg. Total weight; 110 liters volume
5’6×28″x5″ (171x71x12cm); 6.1 kg. total weight; 120 liters volume
5’8×29″x5″(178x74x12cm); 6.6 kg. Total weight; 135 liters volume
6’4×33″x5″(196x84x12cm); 7.9 kg. total weight; 155 liter volume




(1) Best quality ultra stiff woven dropstitch core
(2) Extra strong Tarpaulin Deck
(3) Extra strong Tarpaulin Bottom
(4) First layer railband
(5) Second and thrird layer railband
(6) UV-sunlight protection coating
(7) 5mm thick comfortable EVA deckpad with grippy crocodile-skin texture
(8) 179K ZEBEC best glue on the market
(9) Produced in a factory with German standards
(10) Besides factory checks, FIT OCEAN does an additional 100% check on each board
(11) 3 years warranty leakproof Board
(12) PVC Tarpaulin material conform the EU’s REACH health regulation