• Lightweight and compact SUP Paddle adjustable (170-220 cm)
  • For Beginners from 150cm-200cm body length
  • Easier to learn to SUP thanks to powerful blade and lightweight construction
  • Easy to adjust the length (we recommend 20 cm above your head). Splits in 3 pieces so fits in bag
  • Weight: 990 gr. (less than a kilo: ”nokilo”). Grippy alloy shaft. Comfortable handle
  • Medium sized (90 sq.in.) blade for all paddlers

Recommended Retail Price: EUR 49.-
Over 10 available, delivery time 1-3 days


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This entry paddles weighs in less than a kilo and that is a light for an entry paddle. Competitors weigh double which is swing-weight what you don’t want. This paddle can be simply adjusted with clicks to the desired length (recommended 20cm above your head). The shaft splits in 3 pieces and we designed the length of the parts so that the clip to adjust is NOT there where your hand is. The blade is strong fiberglass/ nylon helping you to get some power in your strokes. We changed the handle this year for a more ergonomic model which saves you energy. We tested many entry paddles at the paddle factory and combined out of the different elements the perfect entry paddle for you. Even with this paddle maintaining a high speed over a long course is possible.


Let’s get into detail


(1) Clamp to adjust height of paddle. Extra smooth edition for when you change hands
(2) Ergonomic handle front
(3) Lightweight T8 alloy shaft
(4) Carbon bottom shaft piece
(5) Scooped Dihydral fiberglass/ nylon blade Blade for power and control
(6) Blade with scooped entry section for easy catching the water