SUP Race 12.7.2020. Alex on FIT OCEAN Force Nr. 1 inflatable and 4th in hardboards

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So much FUN at a SUP Race event again. Sun, Water, People, SUP, Sweat, Laughter, Smiles.

Big UP to our Teamrider Alex winning on the production model 2020 Force 14’x26”x5”. And our Teamriders Beatrice in the Womans division. And Faik  and Marcel and Lukas battling it out in the inflatable division.

Alex finished in 35 minutes and 18 seconds which was place 1 in the inflatable division.

The hardboards start at the same time. The score has its own hardboard division.

Underneath their finish times. Looking closely Alex with 35:18 was that fast that he actually was place 4 in the hardboard disvision.

Alex in lead. Notice upright stance to reduce push down on the board and rather lift up bodyweight during the stroke (in contrast to racing hardboards where you push down the board to ”pump” it)

Faik around the buoys.

Marcel over the line (prototype 28” wide board double batten)

Beatrice racing the 2019 FIT OCEAN Ultra 14ft.

Full Event photo capture here

Ofcourse many thanks to organiser HonuSUP and the Sponsors. See you in the next edition.