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h2Driving into Hyères, you feel that your vacation is starting. With all the palm trees around you, clear blue sky and a lovely soft wind to cool you down.

Hyères is situated in the South of France on the Mediterranean coast, it is the oldest resort in the French Riviera. With over 30 km of white sandy beaches, 3 beautiful and unspoilt islands Hyères has been a popular tourist destination for years.

There is a stunning old town in Hyères with a wonderful selection of medieval buildings which is well worth a visit. The old town is a dream location for architecture lovers with stunning Gothic churches, renaissance doorways and beautiful châteaus all set against stunning sea views.

Palm trees form an important part of Hyères and can be regularly seen throughout the resort lining the wide boulevards. There is a great variety of Mediterranean architecture around Hyères including a number of exotic hotels and villas which lend the resort a Moorish feel.



Love to be on the water?

Well, Hyères is a great place to be for your water activities.

Hyères  is a popular watersports destination. The Almanarre bay offers particularly good conditions for sailing, wind surfing and kite surfing. Throughout the year there are a number of prestigious regattas and competitions held in Hyères and a number of top professionals choose to base themselves in Hyères as the ideal spot to train.




Hyères is a superb location for sailing with generally stronger winds during the spring months and calmer breezes during the height of summer. There are plenty of sheltered bays, marinas and harbors and it is an excellent location for both beginners and experienced sailors.


Hyères is extremely popular with windsurfers and is often referred to as the European capital of windsurfing. The conditions around Hyères lend themselves particularly well to windsurfing and it is a great location for both beginners and experienced windsurfers.


waters of the Mediterranean are the perfect location to develop your kite surfing skills. With a lot of Kite surfers around, there is always someone to help you when you just got started with this sport.




The great thing about Hyères is, that there are great water activities where you need wind. But there are as well enough places, with beautiful beaches for Stand Up Paddling.

Stand up paddle is a great way to discover the hidden paradisiacal creeks, caves and beaches only accessible by water.

As a beginner, you can try the sport out by yourself or get your first lessons. When you get the hang of it you can get more adventurous and try out Stand Up Paddling over waves.

Stand Up Paddling is a great way to relax and still get some exercise done. You can take it to any level where you want it to go. At any time, you can just jump in the water, have a swim and continue paddling.