Congrats Alexander Sterzik 1st place / timelaps race lake Lucerne Switzerland

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Okay we are now copy pasting the title this year. Aleksander won again. Enjoy the timelaps from start to finish of Aleksander his race. Interesting to see he is ahead of a Starboard Sprint in the sprint… He actually finished that fast again that not only finished 1st on inflatable but also 2nd in the hardboard class, on his FIT OCEAN Force 14ft inflatable.

Congrats Alexander Sterzik 1st place short distance race lake Biel Switzerland

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Hardcore day in Biel Nidau Switzerland with rain and lots of wind. Race through a canal. This time we had 2 riders at the start. Aleksander took 1st place and Mark 3rd place (both on 2020 FIT OCEAN Force) but Mark was disqualified for the reason of drafting behind a hardboard as in this race apparantly drafting was only allowed behind an inflatable ;) Awsome to have fun with fellow FIT OCEAN riders.

World Clean Up Day 21.9.2019

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Check the videos and pictures of our FIT OCEAN heroes digging up >200 kg of plastic out of the Lake. We where so surprised what came up. If that comes out of the otherwise beatutifull 4 forest Lake in Switzerland, image what else can be fished out of lakes and oceans. Big thank you to our heroes: Marcel, Sven, Yvonne, Luki, Stefan, Ayden, Andi. Closing the day with a drink & campfire, awsome day in life.

  • World Clean Up Day 21.9.2019 on Stand Up Paddles in Kuessnacht am Rigi Switzerland | SURFDEAL