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FIT OCEAN Malibu Go 9’0 – 275×76BREITx15cm. Available colors: AQUA and BLUE In Stock!
High-quality, inflatable all-round board, manufactured under Swiss supervision. Compact, stable and very manoeuvrable. Beginners up to 70 kg. Advanced up to 90 kg. Maximum capacity 190 kg (enough for 1 adult + 1 child, evenly distributed). Volume: 200 litres

FIT OCEAN Malibu – 275cm or 300cm long. 76cmWIDE. 15cm thick. BLUE and Pink on stock! 
Top quality all round inflatable starter board, produced under Swiss supervision. Compact, stable and very maneuverable. Beginners up to 70 kg. Advanced up to 90 kg. Maximum capacity 190 kg (enough for 1 adult + 1 child when evenly spread).

FIT OCEAN Malibu 10′- 300x76WIDTHx15cm.  ORANGE, AQUA, BLUE. In stock!

High-quality, inflatable all-round board, manufactured under Swiss supervision. Compact, stable and very manoeuvrable. Beginners up to 80 kg. Advanced up to 100 kg. Maximum capacity 240 kg (enough for 1 adult + 1 child, evenly distributed). Volume: 250 litres

FIT OCEAN Magic Glide 10’8 – 325x82BREITx15cm. In stock!

Number 1 best-selling inflatable all-round iSUP in Switzerland. For paddlers up to 140 kg. Maximum payload 280 kg, enough for fun paddling with 2 adults or 1 adult with several children. The board is stable for beginners to learn to paddle and still offers very good glide for advanced paddlers. Includes rings pre-mounted for attaching a kayak seat. Made under Swiss supervision.

Aqua Marina Fusion 10’10. In Stock!
Best selling board in Europe. Great starter SUP board with good value for money. 330 cm x81CM WIDTHcm x 15 cm. Volume: 320 liters.

Aqua Marina Vapor 10’4″x31″x6″. In Stock!

Ideal for all-rounders to get into stand-up paddling and provide good balance with good glide and maneuverability. Length: 315 cm (10′”); width: 79 cm (31″); thickness: 15 cm (6″); volume: 310 liters; weight: 8.5 kg.

Aqua Marina Beast 10’6 “x32 “x6”. In Stock!

For beginners up to 120 kg. For advanced up to 140 kg. Maximum capacity 290 kg. (Sufficient for 2 adults + 2 children with even distribution).

Aqua Marina Atlas 12’0″ x 34″ x 6″. In Stock!

For beginners up to 120 kg. For advanced up to 140 kg. Maximum capacity 370 kg. (Sufficient for 2 adults + 2 children with even distribution).


Good deals: CHF 600 – 900

Indiana Family Pack 10’6 ; 11’6; 12’0. BLUE and GREY. Kassensturz No. 1 ! In Stock!

The 2022 Indiana Family Pack SUP boards are easy to install (easy to inflate and easy to roll up) Beginners will be happy about the very tip-stable Indiana SUP boards. In 2 colors and 3 different sizes and different WIDTHS available.

Lightcorp SUP Freeride Wide The Blue 10’6, 11’6, 12’6. In stock
Top quality produced, very hard, super strong double layer Allround Boards, produced under German supervision. Best glue. Good backpack and Pump.

Light Board SUP Allrounder W Recreational 10’10”x34”. In Stock! This series offers a good balance of stability, glide and mobility. The main area of ​​application is in shallow water. They are wide and stiff enough for relaxed yoga exercises, for family trips to the lake, but also well suited for weekend tours with luggage. The RS SILVER series is the top seller in the LightSUP product range and stands out from the usual products in the entry-level price range in terms of quality, detail, design and performance.

JP SUP AllroundAir SL. In Stock! The AllroundAir was created to cover the widest range of average paddler’s needs: from absolute beginners to those taking white water runs; from amateur surfers to yoga enthusiasts. This board was born to provide a taste of all the possibilities in Stand-Up Paddling, with the bonus of being a safe step into this world.

TAHE Allround SUP Beach 11’6 SUP/ Kayak. In stock!
Super stable SUP to learn to paddle and kayak. With kayak Seat and Dual Paddle.

STX iSup Hybrid Freeride. In Stock!
The STX boards are very light thanks to the woven drop stitch. The Allrounder is a board that you can learn to paddle and enjoy with a child thanks to its high buoyancy.


Premium: > CHF 900

Red Paddle Ride 9’8 blue. In stock!
The Red Paddle Ride’s are the very first boards to hit the market. With their lightweight double layer, innovative backpack and pump, they are at the top of the class. Available in 3 different sizes and different WIDTHS.

Jobe Aero Yarra SUP 10.6 Pack Steel Blue. In Stock!
Meet the Yarra, Jobe’s inflatable 10.6 stand up paddle board and a prime example of form meeting function! Superb stiffness thanks to the use of our lightweight X-stitching and a high quality construction and durability by using Heat Bonded Technology. Next up this board features an all-new ‘EZ-Lock Fin” which connects your fin to your board with no screws needed. This board has everything to start your new journey! Provided with the best balance between maneuverability, stability and speed. This package comes with the Aero Yarra SUP board 10.6 Steel Blue, adjustable fiberglass 3-piece paddle, waterproof backpack, double action pump, 10ft / 3,04m coiled leash.


Affordable: Max. CHF 700

FIT OCEAN Sports 11’6×31”x6” (349cmx79cmx15cm). In Stock! 
A very light board weighing only 9 kg. Quite fast but still stable (30”/76cm) wide board for beginners up to 80 kg. For advanced riders up to 100 kg. Maximum capacity 290 kg. (Enough for 2 adults. Or 1 adult + 2 children. With even distribution) Ideal for day trips on lakes and coastal cruising. The additional nose runner (small rail under the bow) makes paddling in a straight line easy!


Aqua Marina Atlas 12’0″ x 34″ x 6″. In Stock!

For beginners up to 120 kg. For advanced up to 140 kg. Maximum capacity 370 kg. (Sufficient for 2 adults + 2 children with even distribution).

Good offers: CHF 700 – 950

Naish S26 Touring Air Fusion. Various sizes. In Stock!
Stable touring boards of good quality. From 10’8 (325cm) up to 14ft. From CHF 949.

Light Board Tourer The Blue MFT 12.6. In Stock!
High-quality boards inspired by the award-winning hardboard versions.

Naish One 12’6×30” (11 kg). In Stock!
Very fast day trip touring board and occasional fun race board”. + All-time favourite with perfect shape. The right length, width and rocker line for fast and effortless cross-country paddling. Ultimate day-touring board. (has no bungee straps at the tail, only at the front). + Noticeably long glide (after each stroke the board continues to glide and does not slow down). + Naish organises races with a class just for this board.

Stability: (3 out of 5) Not the most stable, due to the narrow tail.
Speed: (5 out of 5) One of the fastest with an average speed of 8-9 km/h
FAQ: What is the difference with the Naish Fusion 12’x34” ? The Fusion is shaped as a beginner board with a wide tail. It is significantly slower than the Naish One.

The STX iSUP Race 12’6 x 30″ x 6″ is well made with a double layer construction. The board is stiff and stable, perfect for racing and touring and larger riders up to 140kg.

The STX iSup Hybrid Tourer Blue/Orange 11’6 x 32 is a versatile, stable and manoeuvrable touring board. This board is a high performance SUP board with a brass windsurf insert for mounting a windsurf sail. A great combination of standup paddling and windsurfing.

STX iSup Tourer PURE 11’6 x 29 and 11’6 x 32 STX Pure Tourer boards are specially designed for inland water. Streamlined arrow shaped board for higher speeds, faster paddling and longer distances. It’s great for those who love to go the the extra mile, the endurance athletes and the ones who want to life healthy and fit.

Indiana Feather Inflatable 11’6  and  12’6. In Stock! The fibreglass foot soles in the stand area provide a hardboard feeling. The featherweight board for adventurers who want to take their board everywhere without sacrificing performance. The length of 11’6 and the pointed, flat shape allow for quick speed and good directional stability. Thanks to the 6” thickness, it is stiff enough and the volume of 307 litres allows for a large payload.

Prämie: > CHF 950

Fit Ocean Force  12’6  inflatable Touring SUP. In Stock!
The fastest inflatable touring SUP on the market. The carbon nose splits the water. Bungee ropes and handles at the back and front. 8kg for the 12’6 only. New for 2022, the boards have 32”(81cm) width for extra stability.  No.2 in the 2021/22 inflatable touring board test from SUPBOARDERPRO.

Aqua Marina Touring iSUP Hyper 381cm × 81cm × 15cm. In Stock!

The Stand-Up Paddle Hyper is a touring board for all those who like it a little more sporty and more adventurous. Its stiffness gives you good stability and it is very easy to paddle. The 6-inch thickness with the new two-chamber construction provides incredible stability on choppy water. The streamlined outline makes the board ideal for high speed riding, so you can paddle farther and longer. With the new Diamond Grooves footpad, you’ll have the ultimate grip and comfort. This inflatable hyper-touring board will become the explorer’s favorite transport. Recommended maximum weight up to 170 kg max.

Indiana Touring Inflatable 11’6 and 12’6. In Stock!
The Touring Classic with its pointed and flat shape offers both all-round and touring characteristics. The 31 inch width provides good stability and plenty of volume. The woven drop stitch and the pre-laminated, double-layer PVC make it robust and stiff.

Red Paddle Sports 11’0 ; 11’3 ; 12’6. In stock!
The Sports are stable like an Allrounder, but have a slightly more pointed nose, which makes them a bit faster. Various sizes and WIDTHs. Top of the class with premium accessories.

SIC RS Air-Glide11x29” & Okeanos Touring 14’x30”. In stock!
”Tagestourenbrett”. Top Qualität und sehr robust. + Zeitloser Look. + ein super Tagestourenbrett.

Jobe Aero Adventure Duna SUP Board 11.6 Pack. In Stock!
The Adventure Duna is equipped with the use of cutting-edge technologies such as Heat Bonded Technology for more ply quality and safety and X-drop-stitching for maximum stiffness.

Jobe Aero Neva SUP Board 12.6 PackageIn Stock! The perfect stand up paddle board for touring. The Neva features an all new “EZ Lock Fin” and lightweight X-Stitching construction for a fast and durable ride on the water. The Aero Neva is packed with great features like Heat Bonded Technology for added quality and a stringer built into the top and bottom of the board for added stiffness. The package includes everything you need to get out on the water, and with a total board weight of 22.5 pounds, you can take your adventure anywhere!

Light Board Race MFT. In Stock! The raceboards in the MFT construction are light, stiff, extremely robust and on a par with the best and most expensive variants of all competitors.