• Dock foilers need to look no further. This is your foil.
  • Gets you up easily – then keeps you going, and going, and going.
  • Take a break between pumps and let it glide
  • Wide but still fun and maneuverable
  • Wingspan 1350mm; Surface: 2100 cm2; AR 8.53
  • 3K Carbon Wings; T-9 alloy Fuse, Mast, Plate
  • Less fatigue because of low drag + thin Wing and Fuse + stiff mast and connections
  • Also works: for Wingfoiling up to 20 knots and SUP foiling in waves

Recommended Retail Price: EUR 790.-


Achieve your record-breaking long-distance ambitions, effortlessly ride long downwind swells on foil, or master that perfect dock start with our exceptional foil. Experience the thrill of continuous momentum with minimal pump movements – just pump, pump, pump, and pause. Its remarkable glide and lift capabilities make it the ideal choice for larger riders or those going the distance. The high aspect ratio and efficiency not only cater to wingfoiling in low wind conditions but also ensure a seamless connection with waves while stand-up paddleboarding. This foil  is your ticket to leveling up your riding game in no time. 🏄‍♂️✨ #SurfStyle #GoingTheDistance




Complete Set including Frontwing, Stab, 70cm Fuselage, 75 cm Mast, Mastplate, Screws + Torx Tool (1 Tool fits all screws), Covers that can be mounted while Foil is assembled, Bag, Manual


Surface: 2100 cm2
AR: 8.53
Wingspan: 1350 mm
Volume: 2423 cm3



Construction: 3K Carbon Fiberglass Sandwich Frontwing and Stabiliser; T9 aluminium Fuselage and Mast (extremely stiff); Bolt pattern standard 90mm distance)