• Reactive rides thanks to compact lightweight shape
  • Easier dock starts thanks to low swing weight and minimal air resistance
  • Forgiving for touchdowns thanks to clean hull shape with progressive rocker
  • Easier to move feet during the ride thanks to Corduroy (linear) EVA deckpad
  • Mounting compatibility with any Foil System (90mm bolt pattern)
  • For beginners to pro
  • Riders from 40-105 Kg.
  • Shaped by MILK, Graphics by GK
  • 3’11”x17”x1’3” (95x43x3.5cm) 11 Liter

Recommended Retail Price: EUR 490.-


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The Pump 95 is for beginners to pro. The extremely compact shape saves weight and makes for an extremely reactive ride. Dockstart Pumpers will love the low swing weight and minimal air resistance of this shape. The compact shape with progressive rocker and clean hull shape make it very forgiving for touchdowns.




Board, Manual


3’11”x17”x1’3” (95x43x3.5cm) 11 Liter; 2.7 Kg.



Construction: Carbon Fiber Sandwich with 2 stringers and a full bambook deck/ Production Technique: Vacuum Lamination / Foil Connection: 2x standard Tracks (standard 90 mm distance) in a high density PVC Foil block.