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FIT OCEAN is a team of Surfer working in several surfshops over Europe selling all kinds of brands. From this we learn what customers want. Before FIT OCEAN we understood there was a need for good quality boards, yet attractively priced. These where simply not on the market. Either the quality was good but the price was high because of all the middlemen (dealers, distributors) in the sales process. Or the price was low but the quality was also low.

So in 2013 we founded the brand FIT OCEAN(®). We had our own first samples made in the best factory where all the top-quality brands produce. We found an investor that allowed for a factory order of 3000 boards. We organized container transport to Europe ourselves. Basically the key-word is here we organized everything ourselves and no middlemen where involved. This meant we could offer the boards for evry attractive prices.

In 2015 the first FIT OCEAN Boards hit the market. We sold them through our own surfshops in Europe. Mid-seaspon 2015 we where already sold out. So we learned to order in bigger quantities, which we did. We learned by listening to our customers and could improve our boards and accessories. We also learned to get better deals from suppliers. And how to reduce plastic packaging. And how to do more economic shipping. This allowed for lowering our prices yet keeping the high qualiyt factory as our producer.

Fast forward 2020. The SUP Factory that produces FIT OCEAN boards turned out to be that good that we have production series of thousands of boards with zero defects. One of the reasons is that German work processes are used, skilled workers and the right materials including the best glue. We are now that convinced we signed for a 3 year warranty on air-tighness for the boards.

Basically we still do the same thing as to our vision when we started: Have the products produced on a very high quality level, so we have no defects, so the customers are happy and can concentrate on positive things like good service, development and innovation.


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Effortless Touring, cutting water with the carbon nose.


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