Best length paddle for SUP Stand Up Paddling ?

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best paddle length for supping


best paddle length for supping

What is the best paddle length for you?

Stand up paddling is such a relaxed way to enjoy your time on the water.

Stand up paddle boarding is becoming more popular each year. So much people have begun to enjoy stand-up paddling having fun on the water, spend time with family and friends. While doing this you can also improve your fitness level.

Perhaps you have found your board and your paddle. You can basically start.

Before you get into the water with your board, it is best that you put your paddle in the correct length.

Step 1

Stretch your left or right arm above your head.


Step 2

Enlarge your paddle to the same hight of the arm that is stretched above your head.


Step 3

The stretched arm rests relaxed on handle of the paddle. This is the correct lenght.